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"The Essence of Japan"
      Worldwide promo for the theme park, Edo Wonderland (Nikko Edomura),
honoring the Edo period. Production Co.: Abe Jimusho Ltd.
  2009   Dream of Tokyo Disney Resort
– 25th Anniversary Year, Magic Collection
      Double DVDs introducing popular parades and shows during the 25th year
at Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR), released by Walt Disney Studios Home
Entertainment (WDSHE) in 2009. Production Co.: Engine Network Inc.
  2008   Memories of Tokyo Disney Resort
- 25 Years of Dreams and Magic
      Double DVDs introducing the popular entertainment of 25 years at TDR,
released by WDSHE in 2008.Production Co.: Engine Network Inc.
  2007   "The Art of Disney"    
        Documentary about the Art of Disney and the exhibition held at several
cities in Japan in 2006-2007. Released by WDSHE.
Production Co.: Abe Jimusho Ltd.
    2004   Kodansha DVD Book "Kiyomizu
- Get to heart/Look by heart"


        Documentary gem about Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and lay sermons by
master monk Mori. Production Co.: Abe Jimusho Ltd.
    2003   The 20th Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland
Let's have a look with Mickey.
        "Ending Clips" of F-Zero GX    
        CG ending clips of Nintendo's Game Cube "F-Zero GX".
Production Co.: Avan Inc.

    1998   "Samurai Non Fiction" movie  
        Making of Hiroyuki Nakano's feature film, "SF-Samurai Fiction", released
on DVD in 2002. Production Co.: Peacedelic Studio Inc.
Copyright © Abe Jimusho Ltd. All Rights Reserved.